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Banner Design


Here’s an assignment where we made a fake web banner for the company ‘Chip and Pepper’. All of it done in Photoshop.


Cat Riding a Motorcyle

This an Adobe Illustrator live trace example. We took an image of this cat and used live trace around the cat and cycle, we could control the amount of colors we wanted to bring out. It’s pretty wacky!

Magazine Cover

Here’s a magazine cover that represents this blog itself, if it were to be published in magazine format. The main article of the magazine is on Yoshitaka Amano, with other various art related articles. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m pretty pleased with the outcome! I tried to give it the same look and feel of this blog itself.


More Photoshop


Here’s one showcasing some of my favorite musicians!! Bands include AFI, hide, Less Than Jake, The Number Twelve Looks Like You and Fear Before!



If anyone has a deviantart account, add me on there!!

DA is my favorite site ever, I’m on there all the time! And if you don’t have a DA account, you should get one! =]



Image Reflection

Assignment for my computer class, took a photo of Alyson Hannigan and created a reflection underneath. Alyson is a great actress, she played Willow Rosenburg in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Great show!!

Yoshitaka Amano

This man…..THIS MAN. Yoshitaka Amano is famous for many things but mainly for his illustrations for the Final Fantasy franchise. His concept sketches and massive paintings for the series are incredible and I’d argue to say he’s the best video game concept artist in the world.

Some people might not take video game art very seriously but when you see Amano’s beautiful paintings, they speak for themselves.

I’ve been a fan of his work for so many years and my appreciation never stops growing! His other works include Tatsunoko related art, Vampire Hunter D and Sandman. If you havn’t played a Final Fantasy game before, GO PLAY ONE.