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Amano Drawing Videos!

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Look at these glorious videos of Yoshitaka Amano drawing random amazing things!

He is a god!



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I recently discovered this web site, ( it’s really great for looking at pretty much any famous work of art in high resolution. You can go to a page of the painting, for example The Birth of Venus. It displays all kinds of useful info about the painting (date, artist, genre, medium, etc). It’s very useful for studying a particular work of art!! Check it out! 😀


If anyone has a deviantart account, add me on there!!

DA is my favorite site ever, I’m on there all the time! And if you don’t have a DA account, you should get one! =]



Image Reflection

Assignment for my computer class, took a photo of Alyson Hannigan and created a reflection underneath. Alyson is a great actress, she played Willow Rosenburg in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Great show!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

I made this picture in photoshop, it’s an altered image of Shenlong from Dragonball!!