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Two page spread for magazine!

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Alright, so here’s my final project for my computer art class. This is a two page spread for my fake magazine that would be related to this blog. I wrote the article about artist Hirohiko Araki. The content wasn’t as important as the actual layout and tools used so a lot of the writing is right off the top of my head, don’t take any of the writing too seriously!


Megaman repainted!

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Pixel art, made in Illustrator. It’s the Green Bomber!

Crazy Smiley Face

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Made with Adobe Illustrator! It’s kind of made to look like Luffy from One Piece…! 😀

Devilish Bunny

Here’s a bunny vector image I created in Illustrator! I gave him a Misfits devil lock haircut 😛 After that I decided he needed a skull and bass to complete the look.

Banner Design


Here’s an assignment where we made a fake web banner for the company ‘Chip and Pepper’. All of it done in Photoshop.

Magazine Cover

Here’s a magazine cover that represents this blog itself, if it were to be published in magazine format. The main article of the magazine is on Yoshitaka Amano, with other various art related articles. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m pretty pleased with the outcome! I tried to give it the same look and feel of this blog itself.


More Photoshop


Here’s one showcasing some of my favorite musicians!! Bands include AFI, hide, Less Than Jake, The Number Twelve Looks Like You and Fear Before!