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Takeshi Obata

This is one of my favorite comic book artists, Japanese manga ka Takeshi Obata! His most popular work is illustrating the manga Death Note. His other works include Hikaru no Go, Blue Dragon Ral Grad, Bakuman, and even some video game illustration, such as the Wii game Castlevania Judgement.

His art has changed a lot over time and he’s developed a fantastically dark style. Recently though, his current series Bakuman is a much more cheerful story than Death Note and his drawing style has continued to evolve.

This above image is FANTASTIC and shows the evolution of his manga. The top image is from Cyborg Grandpa G Chan.

Check out this man’s manga, he’s teamed up with some great writers!


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I'm a twenty year old art student living in Hong Kong, currently attending SCAD.

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  1. man, i love bakuman and i liked deathnote and hikaru no go to an extent. but bakumans the shit.


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